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Bespoke home builder in the Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla regions

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Design + construction

In the design process we develop and utilise a 3D Design Model with photorealistic renders. Our software enables us to create the true lighting, shadows and texture of the project, allowing our clients to see an accurate and real-life representation of their home. Clients can take a virtual tour of...

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Bespoke designs

We collaborate with our clients to create custom made homes, renovations or extensions designed to your personal requirements and style. At Daniel Perrem Building and Drafting we consider design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and practical - to create a building the owner can be proud of.

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Why we're different

In addition to being a young, cutting edge company up to date with modern building and design techniques and features, we are the only full-service company on the South Coast that delivers design, drafting and construction in-house. Our state of the art Robotic RTS enables our complex design models to be exported accurately and directly to the job site for a time and cost efficient build.

About Us

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Learn more about us through our brief inspirational promo video showcasing some of our work, and our philosphies

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We're a specialty design and construct company designing and building beautiful modern homes and renovations across the NSW Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla regions, catering to clients with a desire for quality in fit and finish.

From Planning to Construction

From planning to construction we collaborate and communicate with our clients. You can count on a stress free build from our professional, friendly and focused team.

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High Fit and Finish

At Daniel Perrem Construction and Drafting we pride ourselves on our excellent attention to detail, because we understand that each small step in the building process contributes to the quality and finish of the final product. With our experience and precision you are guaranteed a high quality fit and finish.

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Learn more about our brand and the values we hold

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Free Guide to Designing and Building Your Custom Home in Eurobodalla

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Free Guide to Designing and Building Your Custom Home in Eurobodalla

Craft Your Perfect Custom Sanctuary in Eurobodalla Essential Insights for a Successful Design and Build Experience

Here’s what you’ll discover in our comprehensive Guide:

  • Master Early Planning: How to effectively plan for a smooth and successful custom home build journey that meets your expectations.
  • Selecting Your Team: How to choose the ideal design and construction professionals for a seamless and stress-free experience.
  • Optimising Your Budget: Smart strategies for resource allocation, maximising your investment, and achieving a perfect balance between quality and affordability.
  • Harnessing Modern Innovation: Uncover the benefits of integrating technologies and materials into your design, enhancing aesthetics, efficiency, and long-term value.
  • Future-Proof Your Home: How to design your home with longevity and adaptability in mind, accommodating changing needs and preferences over time.

“Moving permanently from Canberra to the coast; needing to work from home; and wanting to protect our precious bush and wildlife meant careful extensions and renovations were needed to our 30+ year old beach house. After a lengthy process of trying to find a builder we were comfortable to work with, we were pleasantly surprised to find an intelligent, energetic and highly competent young builder close to home in South Durras - Daniel Perrem. Nevertheless, having undertaken renovations at other homes, we were not looking forward to the inevitable disruption to life and obstacles that delay work or make changes necessary. So we still marvel at the smoothness of the process managed by Daniel and so ably supported by the people he works with. It’s hard to imagine a build where you don’t have a single complaint, teams and products turn up on time and all work is done to a very high standard. We also marvel at the pleasant, co-operative and problem-solving approach adopted by Daniel and his team. Most importantly we are thrilled with the result! We have a beautiful new section to our home and renovations to the old. Disruption to work and our lives was minimal (as was building mess). We wholeheartedly recommend Daniel for any scale of building. He has excellent project management skills and is calm, helpful and pleasant with his teams and clients. ”